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Student Life

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The Lincoln University Student Association (LUSA) provides a forum for the free exchange of ideas that is essential to the vitality of the academic environment.

LUSA represents the students in matters of self-government and problems of mutual interest to the student body and the University. Its purpose is to initiate student activities and to help promote the student’s welfare on the campus. The Student Association is run by officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer), who are elected every Fall Semester.

The Association, in cooperation with other organizations on campus, strives to develop and present varied activities that will meet the social, cultural and academic needs of the student. Whether held on or off campus or involving a large or small segment of the student body, they reflect the personal orientation of the University.

LUSA Team 2022



Yahya Ghaith
Maria Boukhval

Vice President

Maria Boukhval
Surzayon Ghosh


Surzayon Ghosh


Doctor Saumya

Message from the President

Yahya picture

Dear Students,

On behalf of the Lincoln University Student Association, I would like to extend to you the warmest welcome! I am thrilled that you chose to study here with us and excited about the new energy and innovation you will bring to our community of scholars, leaders, and friends.

The New Year offers a new start, a fresh opportunity to engage with new professors, start new courses and entertain new ideas and perspectives. The beginning of a new semester is a time full of possibilities and a chance to bring your own renewed sense of discovery and intellectual curiosity to the academic experience. Let’s take advantage of this time and use it wisely!

I want to assure you that my team and I will be dedicated to the welfare of the students through fostering a creative, responsible approach to education, social events, and activities in the University.

Your suggestions and questions are always welcomed and appreciated. Please feel free to contact us at


Yahya Ghaith

LUSA President