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Student Life

Student Government

The Lincoln University Student Association (LUSA) provides a forum for the free exchange of ideas that is essential to the vitality of the academic environment.

LUSA represents the students in matters of self-government and problems of mutual interest to the student body and the University. Its purpose is to initiate student activities and to help promote the student’s welfare on the campus. The Student Association is run by officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer), who are elected every Fall Semester.

The Association, in cooperation with other organizations on campus, strives to develop and present varied activities that will meet the social, cultural and academic needs of the student. Whether held on or off campus or involving a large or small segment of the student body, they reflect the personal orientation of the University.

LUSA Team 2021


Milan KC

Vice President

Deniz Barin Celik


Neema Humphrey


Ergis Gjoka

Message from the President

Dear Students,

As the new President of Lincoln University Student Association (LUSA), I am honored to be the voice of students. I am the 4th year student studying Management of Information Systems. During this four year, I learned a lot about the difficulties and problems that students face. I am ready to help all the students in achieving their educational and life goals.

My objectives as the President of LUSA include expanding beyond the classroom with extracurricular activities and career-focused development opportunities. LUSA team will strive to achieve this by providing guidance, working with the faculty, staff, and external stakeholders to help students realize their dreams.

I thank everyone for their love and support.


Milan KC

LUSA President