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Computer User Account and Email

Computer Lab provides a unique computer user account and university email address to all the students during the process of admission. The Computer user account allows students to log in to individual work station with their user name and password. Student emails are also used to connect to professors for different kind of online platforms used for classrooms activities and assignments.

So, Computer laboratory highly recommends students to enroll on this program at earliest during the process of admission. All students are required to use their Lincoln Student Email. Once the account is issued, official communication to students will be sent only to their Lincoln email.

The Lincoln student Email System is available for all students & faculties enrolled at Lincoln and are hosted by Gmail. If you have any login issues, please send your request to Lincoln University helpdesk email at Please include your first name, last name, student ID card in your request.

To access your student email account, go to or click here

  • Type your username separated by for example
  • Your email password is same as your user account password.
  • To reset your password contact helpdesk or email at including first name, last name, phone no and scan copy of Lincoln student ID card in your request.

Note: – Resetting your user account password automatically resets your LU email password.

Printing Facilities

Students can print their assignments, reports, handouts, lectures and all the required material for their studies. Students are offered with 25 pages printing facilities free per day. However, if additional pages are required, they can request a form from helpdesk and pay the required cost for printing. The additional cost after 25 pages is set as $0.10 per page.

Students can utilize these facilities either from the main building computer laboratory or also can use Library laboratory computers for printing however cannot exceed their printing limit of 25 pages from either side.

Computer lab recommends students to benefit from this printing facility and wisely use this allocated pages for their study and research.

Wi-Fi Facilities

Lincoln University Computer Lab provides secured wireless Local area networking facilities to the students and faculties to connect to internet within the university Wi-Fi range. Students can connect to Internet through their personal devices like smart phone, Tablet, iPad, Laptop etc. to access and browse the Internet resources for study and research purpose from the entire university premises.

Computer lab is proud to provide free and secured Wi-Fi facilities to the student and faculties. Students require username and password to connect their devices to Internet. Same Computer username and password of student is used for connecting Wi-Fi.

Microsoft Office 365 for Education

The Lincoln University is excited to announce that Microsoft Office 365 for Education has been released to all registered Graduate and Undergraduate students. Below you will find information we hope you will take full advantage of this service.

To setup your Office365 account please download instruction from here. If you find you are in need of further assistance with your Office 365 subscription please contact the LU Helpdesk at or (510)-628-8020.

IT Helpdesk

IT help center or help desk is the team of technical expertise to assist with all kinds of technical problems inside the university. They will be assisting students, professors and various departments with the technical problems that arise forth in daily course.

If you have any problems, concerns or issues regarding the use of IT infrastructures or log in issues, feel free to contact us. Students, professors or other faculties can email us at Please include your first name, last name, and Lincoln ID no in your request. Help desk will reach out with the solutions as far as earliest. You can also reach out to us at 510-628-8020.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of your queries and confusion are listed in the frequently asked questions and answer sections.

For more details please visit our FAQS page.

Suggestions and Feedbacks

Computer Lab believes on “learning by doing”. So students, professors, faculties and staff are encouraged to suggest with their valuable comments for continuous growth and development of the computer laboratory and entire Information System in university. We will be more focused and try to reach out your expectations as far as possible.

We appreciate your feedbacks. Feedbacks always motivate us to cope with the new ideas. So please reach out with your valuable suggestions and new ideas (if you have) at